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Invest in the Future of Prostate Health

An Innovative medtech device designed to improve prostate health management

“We believe that we are leading the development of a new paradigm that transforms the diagnosis, treatment, screening, monitoring, and management of prostate care early, with the patient’s journey in mind. The unmet medical need addressed by the ProstaMetrix device is assisting in distinguishing aggressive from indolent prostate cancer.”

– Christopher G. LaFarge, Chief Operating Officer

The Current Problem With Prostate Health Management

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in American men, second only to skin cancer. Currently, there is no cost-effective and non-invasive way to distinguish between aggressive and indolent prostate cancer.

One in eight men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, over 33,330 will die in the US alone

Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in men in the US

There is often an overtreatment of indolent cancers and delayed treatments for those with aggressive types.

The Solution

The ProstaMetrixTM System

ProstaMetrix is a portable, physician’s office medical tech device that turns a digital rectal exam into a next generation cancer screening tool. The ProstaMetrix device makes it possible to treat multiple forms of prostate disorder and diseases in a low-cost, point-of-care and real-time procedure.

How it Works

  • Encoder is placed over fingertip during a routing digital rectalexam (DRE).
  • Fiber optic sensors coupled with patented technology measures prostate width and accurately calculates crucial prostate volume.
  • Prostate volume measurements are delivered on screen in real-time.

The Benefits of

Less invasive diagnostic option for patients
Less invasive diagnostic option for patients

An efficient way for patients and physicians to monitor the progression of the disease
An efficient way for patients and physicians to monitor the progression of the disease

Lower costs of diagnosis for patients
Lower costs of diagnosis for patients

Increased speed in diagnostic information available for physicians
Increased speed in diagnostic information available for physicians

Reduction of over-treatment of indolent cancer, which exceeds $3.0 billion annually in the United States
Reduction of over-treatment of indolent cancer, which exceeds $3.0 billion annually in the United States

Two senior healthcare workers in consultation laughing

Market Opportunity

Through the development of ProstaMetrix, MedicaMetrix is well-positioned to provide value to investors in a growth industry.

  • Medical device industry valued at $456.9 billion in 2020, and is increasing at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.1%
  • Prostate Cancer Diagnostics market valued at $3.32 billion in 2020 and expected to reach $7.65 billion by 2027 for CAGR of 13.2%

Execution: Prostate Diagnostics Products Road Map

Execution: SureSet Family Product Road Map


Complete Product Development

  • Prepare for clinical and economic assessment trials of ProstaMetrix in the UK



UK Clinicals & Market Launch

  • Begin recruitment of “early adopter” urologists in the EU
  • Begin recruitment of “early adopter” urologists in Southeast Asia
  • Complete ProstaMetrix U.S. pivotal trial for the FDA 510K filing
    Initiate market trials in the EU



EU Market Launch & Global Distribution

  • Initiate limited market release in select metro markets in Germany and the Netherlands.
  • Obtain FDA 510K clearance
  • Pursue additional global distribution partners in the EU, Middle East and Southeast Asia

Leadership Team

MedicaMetrix has a proven leadership team with years of experience creating successful new companies, launching new medical products and technologies, and creating value for early-stage to global 100 companies.

Satish Vankayalapati


Leo Carayannopoulos

Chief Executive Officer

Robert Rudelius

Chief Financial Officer

Richard C. Carlson

Executive VP Business Development

Bob Rioux

EVP Engineering and Product Development

* View our Offering Circular HERE

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Investing Basics

How do I Invest?

You can easily invest in our offering online using our secure investment page.

  1. Click the Invest Now button
  2. Complete the investor registration forms
  3. Read the Subscription Agreement
  4. Type your full legal name to sign the Subscription Agreement
  5. Click Make Investment

Welcome to the MedicaMetrix investor community!

How can I get more information about this investment opportunity?

You can view our offering circular and investor presentation at the links below. We recommend you read all materials before investing.

Offering Circular:

Investor presentation:

You can also email us at for more information.

What is the price per share?

The price per share is $5.00

What is the minimum investment amount?

The minimum investment amount is $750, or equivalent to 150 shares of common stock.

What is the maximum investment amount?

The maximum amount that you can invest as a non-accredited investor is 10% of the greater of your income or net worth. There is no limit for accredited investors.

What is the difference between an accredited and a non-accredited investor?

An accredited investor is an individual who makes over $200,000 per year in income ($300,000 if combined with a spouse) or who has a net worth of $1 million or more, excluding their primary residence.

A non-accredited investor is anyone who does not meet at least one of the income or net worth requirements for being considered an accredited investor.

What methods of payment are accepted? Are there any fees?

We accept payments using a Credit Card, US Bank Account (ACH), Wire and IRA. 

There is a $25 USD processing fee for each investment transaction made.

Do I have to be a U.S. citizen or live in the U.S. to invest?

Our offering is open to both U.S. citizens as well as international investors.
Please note that the regulations of your country may restrict you from investing via Reg A+ offerings. As an investor, you must check the regulations that apply to you, in your country.

If I invest now, can I invest more in the future?

You will be able to invest in this same offering until we close this funding round. We may or may not have an additional offering at some point in the future. This will depend on a number of factors.

Where can I view the stock I’ve purchased?

Once you have purchased your shares in MedicaMetrix, you will be able to log back into your DealMaker account to view your transaction history, signed subscription agreement, and other related documents and materials.

How often will there be informational updates from the company?

We aim to make an investment in MedicaMetrix both a great investment opportunity and also a great journey in which our investors can learn about medical technology and technology startups. Therefore, we aim to have regular updates on our progress and activities. At a minimum, we will provide quarterly updates but we aim to have much more regular updates (one to many per month) in the form of webinars, video updates, and email updates.

Offering Details

How many shares are being offered for sale in the company?

We are offering a maximum of 4,000,000 shares.

When does the offering close?

Our offering will terminate on the first to occur of:

(A) the sale of all 4,000,000 shares offered hereby,

(B) when the company elects to terminate the offering.

What does it mean that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has qualified this offering?

“The SEC has qualified this offering” means the SEC has permitted MedicaMetrix Inc. to offer for sale the securities (also referred to as shares, stock or common stock) described in the offering circular to the general public. The SEC is not judging the merits, accuracy, or completeness of the offering and information in the offering circular. Rather, the SEC is merely ensuring MedicaMetrix Inc. has met federal legal disclosure and regulatory requirements necessary to make these shares available to you.

What is a subscription agreement?

A subscription agreement is a legal contract between you and MedicaMetrix Inc. to purchase shares issued by the company and is required for each investment you make.

Each investment is a one-time event and no recurring payments will be withdrawn from you for that investment.

What is the intended use of proceeds?

The table below outlines the breakdown of our use of proceeds from raising capital with Regulation A+. In order to successfully scale the business the majority of proceeds will go towards product development and refinement and Business Development and Marketing.

$5,000,000 Raise Use Category, % $12,000,000 Raise Use Category, % $20,000,000 Raise Use Category, %
Product Development, Refinement and Additional Trials 31.6% 29.4% 29.4%
Regulatory Filings and Expenses 1.9% 0.8% 0.8%
Establishment and Expansion of Manufacturing Facilities 16.3% 16.3% 16.3%
Global Business Development and Marketing 21.0% 23.2% 23.2%
Administrative and General Business Expenses 12.6% 12.6% 12.6%
Management Compensation 6.0% 4.9% 4.9%
Inventory, Shipping & Working Capital 10.6% 12.8% 12.8%
Total 100% 100% 100%

Post Offering

What happens after I invest?

ACH and Credit Card transactions can take 1-2 business days to process. Once funds are received, it can take up to 2 weeks to process your investment completely.

Once your investment has been fully processed and confirmed, you will receive an Investment Confirmation email with your Signed Subscription Agreement and Ceremonial Certificate. You are officially an investor in MedicaMetrix Inc. only when you receive this email.

If a couple of weeks pass by and you do not receive an Investor Confirmation email with your Signed Subscription Agreement and Ceremonial Certificate, please email us at We may still require additional information from you in order to process your investment fully. We recommend you check your spam folder first for any email communications!

In some instances, we may reach out to you requesting additional information in order to finish processing your investment, which may increase the overall amount of time it takes to process your investment completely.

How will I be kept updated on the performance of my investment?

You will receive updates on an annual and semi-annual basis posted with the SEC. You will be able to log into the investor-only website to see all our updates.

Is there a market for selling or trading my shares?

We are not currently listed on any trading market or stock exchange, and our ability to list our stock in the future is uncertain. Investors should not assume that the offered shares will be listed. A public trading market for the shares may not develop.

Will the company become listed on a stock exchange in the future?

We do not expect to commence a go-public process within the next 12 months of closing our Reg A+ offering.

Will my investment pay dividends?

We have no intention to pay cash dividends on our common stock for the foreseeable future. We currently expect to retain future earnings, if any, to finance the growth and development of our business and do not anticipate paying any cash dividends for the foreseeable future. Therefore, you possibly will not receive any return on an investment in our common stock unless you sell your common stock for a price greater than which you paid for it. Subject to the Company’s performance and approval of the board of directors, we may pay a cash dividend at some point in the future.

What will capital raised through this offering be used for?

Management of the company has wide latitude and discretion in the use of proceeds from this offering, including but not limited to manufacturing, marketing, business development expenses, and providing liquidity to early shareholders. Please read the ‘Use of Proceeds to the Company’ section in our offering curricular for more details on our plans for the future.

What is the projected return on investment?

This is an early-stage investment opportunity in a technology start-up company, and there is no guaranteed return. The value of your shares will increase or decrease along with the value of the company.

Can I sell my shares in the future?

Yes, you can sell your shares to private parties. There is no lock-up period for the shares you are purchasing in this offering.

How do I contact the company?

For any questions about our offering, please email us at